Who we are

For more than 20 years, Facioli Consulting has been providing consulting, advisory, organizational management and human resources services to large companies throughout Brazil, being reference in the area where it operates.

We believe that strategy is closely related to choices. Focused choices combined with fast and interrelated actions lead to distinct results in terms of value.


To work together with the client in the development of management strategies for effective implementation which results in added value through sustainable and differentiated results. Aiming to achieve your loyalty and ensure the growth and profitability of your business.


To be recognized by clients, collaborators, partners and by its business segment as one of the most important Brazilian companies providing human resources and organizational development services.


  • Ethical conduct
  • Quality and innovation
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Clarity and objectivity
  • Appreciation of knowledge
  • Growth and profitability



Jose Arimatea

President - Usinas Itamarati

Facioli’s work is based on solid concepts and its done with a lot of competence, delivering results of high strategic level. Facioli goes beyond strictly technical HR and operational questions and contributes to improve the company results and long term sustainability.

Maurilio Biagi Filho

President -  Grupo Maubisa

We have a long-term partnership with Facioli  They are serious, organized, but mostly, ethical. As we have a great professional relationship, the results have been great.

Brasil PP Salomão

Legal Diretor - Brasil Salomão e Matthes Advocacia

As Escritório Brasil Salomão E Matthes Advocacia founding member, I recognize that the professional partnership with Facioli Consultoria represented a big jump in quality to our team. Facioli helped us in technical orientation, ideas, projects discussions and, moreover, in relationship with companies of many economical areas.

Douglas Montefeltro

General Manager - Colorado Locação e Equipamentos

Facioli, when involved in a Project, merges with the strategic guidance as one of the interested parts, passing through Human Recourses, Organization Management and Business Management, using methodologies and tools that help on competences discovery and development. Always collaborating to achieve results and business sustainability.

Claudemir Fogues

Human Recourses Manager - Usina Ferrari

We found at Facioli a serious, ethical and organized company. Its consultants are punctual, experienced and very dedicated. Our partnership has brought great results on Human Recourses Management and some of its projects has brought more agility and costs reduction to our processes, overcoming our expectations.

Vágner Semedo da Rocha Trindade

People Management Manager - Indústria de Móveis Província

For more than 14 years I have Facioli Consulting as partner, especially in some sugar cane sector companies that I worked, as “Grupos Coruripe e Unialco”, where they have always brought innovative solutions for People Management, overcoming our expectations, always acting with ethics, respect and prioritizing the organizations healthy growth.

Rogério Delapieri

Executive Director - Grupo Maubisa

Facioli is a Consulting and Advising company that really makes the difference in simplicity and objectivity. From hunting to personal department. Its expertise makes easier the daily routine to focus on that really matters in the company.

Isabella Spinelli

President - Aliança Francesa Ribeirão Preto

Facioli is one of the most important companies of my life. It helped and keeps helping me with my education. I can speak about Facioli with property, because I have already been a Facioli employee, client and partner. All the works are done on the most ethical and distinguished way as possible. I have a lot of affection and respect for the company and I’m very proud to see the exponential growth, because it’s that what Ribeirão Preto needs.





800 Maurilio Biagi Avenue, - room 902

2300 Paulista Avenue, - floor Pilotis